Our Commitment

By 2025, only an estimated 5 percent of the quarter-billion people entering the workforce in India will have formal vocational training.  The gap between the supply and demand of skilled workers is especially pronounced for youths.  90 percent of India’s youths work in the informal sector, learning on the job without any structured or formal training.  The lack of market-relevant skills often lead them to settle for a life of low-paid jobs. We believe that as urbanization in India increases and cities of millions become the norm, this gap will increase even more.

enabling people, enabling the world

Har Asha Foundation supports the efforts in the area of skills development and vocational training.  We believe structured and market relevant training programs will enable youths to gain the competencies required to bridge the gap between the supply and demand of skilled workers. For every skill taught, each youth gains training. For every apprentice placed, each youth gains experience. For every graduate of such programs, each potential path to a skilled job is realized. We know that each person enabled can make a positive difference to the local ecosystem. We know that enabling more youths will enable even more positive ripples through larger ecosystems. Investment in this area is Har Asha Foundation’s commitment to our mission: enabling people, enabling the world.

The initial focus of Har Asha Foundation is to promote philanthropic and charitable causes in the skill development and vocational training programs that will help youths integrate, purposefully and meaningfully, into the workforce as skilled workers. We believe it will help and prepare them for a better tomorrow.

Har Asha Foundation will partner with leading institutions in this area to develop specific programs at the grass root level. We are committed to creating and measuring impact, one person at a time.