Who We Are

Har Asha Foundation is co-founded by Sandeep Kishore, along with his wife Sushma. Har Asha Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization and is focused on creating opportunities to enable people and drive positive impact, one contribution at a time. The initial focus of Har Asha Foundation is to promote philanthropic and charitable causes in the area of skill development and vocational training programs.


In India, more than 2 million people migrate from rural areas and small towns to cities in search of a better life every year. The lack of market relevant skills often leads migrant population to settle for low-paid jobs in these cities. There is a dire need to fund such programs which will help the migratory population for a better tomorrow.


Sandeep is a global business leader, writer, blogger, poet, speaker and, above all else, a dreamer and doer. He is a respected strategic thinker in the IT industry, and an advocate of growth through applied innovation, transformation and market leadership. He is a regular speaker at global industry events, analyst forums and leading management schools as well as a frequent contributor to several leading industry publications.